Life is just a learning experience, so turn your wounds into wisdom.


The library had become her solace. Her refuge.Books did not question or judge. They made safe companions.

Inglath Cooper (via observando)

Maybe seeing you get what you want can give me a shard of the happiness I would have if it was me.


No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.

We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.

(Dead Poets Society, 1989)






I really don’t care what kind of blogs you have, This deserves a reblog

man the last image really got me..

The second to last really killed me.

A simple thing we see frequently on the Internet being put into the perspective of real life.

The last one put me to tears all I can think is my grandpa and how much I miss him

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Got no checkbooks, got no banks. Still I’d like to express my thanks - I’ve got the sun in the mornin’ and the moon at night.

Irving Berlin (via observando)

My dear,
Find what you love and let it kill you. Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness. Let it kill you and let it devour your remains. For all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover.

Charles Bukowski (via xrainydaywoman)

There’s a bluebird in my heart that
Wants to get out
But I’m too clever, I only let him out
At night sometimes
When everybody’s asleep.

Bluebird, Charles Bukowski (via supermodelgif)